10 Great Ways To Celebrate Summer

Summer Solstice falls on  June 21,2014

The First two weeks into June and you can tell Summer is here already reaching the 90 and 100 here in temperatures so why not celebrate summer and be happy winter is gone no more cold chills no more ice storms just beautiful sunshine.
1.Summer Cleaning 
Summer is a great time to go  threw all your  old closes ,toys ,and junk you don't have a use for so instead of putting away somewhere have a yard sale make some extra play money for  the summer.
                                                                          2. Water Fight!                                                                   Now that it is so hot go out and have a water balloon fight  take out the water launchers,water hoses ,cups  what ever makes it fun get soaked in the sun and have a blast with it.    
3. Picnic I n The Park
What could be a better way to celebrate summer then having a picnic make some fruit salads,sandwiches,and some cool drinks and off  to a picnic spot off your liking . 
4. The Beach 
When the weather is hot take the time to slip out and go to a beach enjoy the water and the hot sand and lets not forget the sunblock.
5. Camping 
What a great way to enjoy the summer take time go on a camping trip are you can go camping in your back yard enjoy the warm air and after relaxing go for a swim are go for a hike this is a great way to celebrate in summer.
Take the family load them up and off to go fishing  it is a great way to spend time with the family and make some  memories to last a lifetime.
7. Pool Time
Time to jump in a nice clean pool enjoy the water  play pool games lounge around on the floats enjoying the summer rays and befor jumping in remember to go threw pool safety with the kids. 
8.Water Parks
We are always trying to find fun  ways to have fun what better way then a water park.
9.Time To Get Active 
This is a great way to go out and enjoy riding your,bikes,rollerblading,playing Frisbee,are whatever outdoor game it is go out and have fun and remember to keep hydrated to beat the heat.
10.Cook Outs 
I save the best for last what better way then have a BBQ with the family are neighbors enjoy great conversation and food and activities all in one make some summer magic and lots of great memories.


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