Teaching Techniques For Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Out of 68 are impacted with Autism Spectrum disorder it is a fair bet we all know someone who is affected by this you may have a family member are a  friend  with Autism. Therefore, for you Parents out there who are developing your child education plan you will need to be consistent with your teaching techniques.

Teaching Techniques for the Home
Parents you will need to use a number of teaching techniques to encourage children with autism to learn speech, social skills, and academics. Here are some appropriate teaching techniques for the home

Visual Learning Aids: Many children with autism learn better with visual aids due to difficulty understanding verbal instructions. Visual support should accompany to help illustrate the ideas. Picture Cards are a great way to learn Just like the Picture Exchange Communication System it can help nonverbal children communicate.

Structured Learning Environment: A structured environment can help with the students focus and help understand the lessons .structured learning environments have fewer distractions, which make it easier to have boundaries and show concise step by step for specific goals.

Sign Language: Sign Language is a great way to teach nonverbal children do to hand motion they respond well.

Peer Tutoring: The idea your child will learn while observing other peers will teach them how to appropriate social behaviors by observing their peers. Peers who are tutoring in a structured environment a non-autistic student can lead your child through a number of tasks with concise instructions.

Facilitated Communication:   Facilitated Communication involves you are teachers physical guiding the autistic child to learn and communicate the teacher will hold the student’s arms so they can communicate pushing keys threw computer.

Online Teaching Resources

Temple Grandin  http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/?pageId=601 is a famous professor who is activist for autism herself  as well has autism she mentions the visual aids and structured learning how well it work for her.

Autism Web http://www.autismweb.com/education.htm Autism Web is resources site for parents provides a detailed teaching methods for autism.

Do to learn http://www.do2learn.com/ is a web site that has the teaching techniques such as picture cards, songs, art projects, and games.

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