Some Amazing Photos Of Tribes Around The World

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a Tribe and what you role would be among those in the tribe.What the rituals are routines that each member takes part in how they live what they eat how they dress  the customs seem so different the languages each tribe has so many things I would like to learn and discover here is some Amazing photos from around the world enjoy.

                                 Three children playing their pan pipe in their leafy home in the Amazon Rainforest

Dessana chiefs from the rain forest  in full head dress

Dessana chief in full head dress  
Woman of the Dessana tribe in the Amazon

Taupo Village 
Ta Moko  aspects of Maori  tradition ,culture,art  legends including tattoos


The Drokpas are completely different – physically, culturally, linguistically and socially – from the Tibeto-Burman inhabitants of most of Ladakh. Drokpa men and women are tall and fair, with big, lightly colored eyes, full lips and distinctive noses and eyebrows. As a result, they consider themselves superior and do not marry into other communities. This insularity is how the tribe preserves its ethnicity.


Among the Kazakh traditions is the ancient art of the eagle hunting.For more than two centuries men hunt on their horses with their trained eagles
The Huli WIGMEN -Papua New Guinea
Karen Women with Elongated Necks 
Hmong Women -Vietnam And China 
Bush Hunting Sand People -Botswana 

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