Turn Your Old Jeans into Slippers

Turn Your Old Jeans into Slippers
How would you like to take your old jeans that you do not use anymore and churn them into slippers?

   1. What you will want to do is put your feet in the back pockets and make sure they fit.
    2.   You will need a pair of old flip flops or sandals and place them on cardboard.

    3.   Trace the slippers on to the cardboard and then cut the templates out.

    4.   Set cardboard templates on the lower legs and use tailor chalk
 to outline the material make sure the material is long enough for your foot, and seem.

.     5.  Make sure to turn the fabric inside out use straight pins to hold together the two layers of the denim. Once pinned in place, cut out the foot shape

   6.  Leaving one side of the denim fabric open, sew the rest of the two layers shut for each foot.

      7. Use the cardboard foot shape to draw on thin piece foam, Cut each foam shape out, and set aside. 

8. Turn the partially stitched up denim slipper and turn them right side out. Slip the cardboard foot template inside each slipper base, followed by the foam insert on top of the cardboard insert. Do this for both denim slipper bases, and then sew them shut. 

9. Cut out the pockets you sized earlier cut as close as you can without cutting the pocket material. The pocket will need to come away intact, with both front and back sides still in place.

10. Put each slipper base inside the pocket align them squarely and neatly

11.Start sewing the pockets onto the underside for the base the denim may be hard to sew so go with what works best for you if you have a sewing machine this will make the job a lot faster.

12.    Enjoy your newly made slippers.

 Watch the video to see how they are made.

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