DIY Bug-Shaped Birdfeeders

DIY Bug-Shaped Birdfeeders

How would you like to create a bumblebee or Ladybug birdfeeders made from repurposed coffee cans? This will make for a fun Earth day, project that you and the kids will enjoy. This will be an easy to -do project and will cost you little to nothing.
Scissors, Wire cutters, Painter’s Tape, Paint,Drill
1 3/8” oak dowel, 1fiberglass screen, 1 16-gauge soft brass wire
Drill two small holes in the sides of can- one near the bottom. You will eventually insert the wires needed to hang the feeders in the hole.

Step 2
You will want to paint the cans either with Paint or you can use spray paint, you will also want to paint lids and dowel black and let the can sit until they are completely dry.

Step 3
Cut four pieces of wire and twist them to form a circle-these will serve as wings .Then cut four pieces of screen to the same size as the wire circles.

Step 4
Lightly glue the screens to the wire circles and set aside to dry.

Step 5
If you are making a bumblebee place painter’s tape where you would like black stripes and if you are making a ladybug you will want to add circle of tape to the ladybug were ever you would like. Next, you will apply yellow paint to bee can and red paint to the ladybug after the paint has dried remove the tape.

Step 6
You will cut a large hole in the center of your lid.

Step 7
Glue washers just above the large holes in the plastic lids. These will serve as your eyes, you will need to let them dry.

Step 8
Cut the dowel in half Poke these halves into the lids below your large holes.

Step 9 You will insert the wings and cut additional wire and place them in the holes were you drilled early This will be used to hang the bird feeders and finally put the lids onto  the cans and hang. 

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