Folktales-Tall Tales - Fairy Tales- and Aesop Fables From Around The World

Throughout history people have told stories about heroes and adding unbelievable elements, as if they could be true are even factual. Some stories you here are exaggerated of actual events making those tall tales. And some stories are actually fictional tales. You may hear tales about American frontier, or the Industrial Revolution and even the European countryside making most of these tall tales. You will notice that they are good –natured and funny. Many of these stories have been passed down through generation after generation you probably heard them threw folktales, fairy tales, and tall tales. Myths or legends story telling helps teach children important lesson along with moral values many of these stories have survived over centuries and are still able to influence are children today. If you enjoy listen to enjoyable tales, silly tales and stories suitable to read to your children at bed time follow these links below.

For those of you who love fairy tales and there undying magic theme  you will enjoy the stories on the links below. 

If you enjoy a tall tale, you will enjoy these links.
Aesop Fables if you like stories about animals with human characteristics you will enjoy these links 

Additional stories from around the world 

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