Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson is possible the most recognized name in the world of fairy tales!But how much do you know about him?

  A  Brief  Summary 

Hans Christian Anderson was  born April 2, 1805-August 4, 1875 he  was a Danish author best remembered for writing children fairy tales, his popularity was not limited to writing children stories he was also a  writer of plays, travelogues, novels ,and poems. Some of his well-known fairy tales were “The Little Mermaid,” “The Snow Queen, “The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes and many more. He has inspired plays, ballets, animated films, and live action. Hans initial attempt in writing fairy tales were revision of stories he heard as a child. Hans fairy tales were bold and original and at first, they were not met with recognitions due partly to the difficulty in translating and capturing his humor. During 1835, Hans published his first two installments of his Fairy tales (Danish: Eventyr;lit “fantastic tales”)He had more stories completed and published in 1837 he had a collection of nine tale that consist of The Tinderbox, The Princess and the pea , Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid, and the Emperor’s New Clothes. At first Hans, stories were not recognized, and they sold poorly. Anderson had success with selling two of his novels in 1836, O.T. and Only a Fiddler in 1837 Anderson became inspired by Scandinavism that led him to writing a poem that would convey the relatedness of Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians. Hans composed the poem to capture the Nordic Spirt, and the beauty of the three sister nations how they have gradually grown together. Anderson would return to the fairy tale genre in 1838 with another collection of Fairy Tales Told for Children. New Collection First Booklet (Eventyr, fortalte for Born. Ny Samling) the stories consists of the Daisy, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and the Wild Swans Hans Christian Anderson had a breakthrough in 1845 the publication of four different translations of his fairy tales. The Little Mermaid appeared in the periodical Bentley’s Miscellany .This led to a second volume, Wonderful Stories for Children .And two other volumes they were happily received were a Danish Story Book, and Danish Fairy Tale Legends Hans had continued to write fairy tales, he published them in installments until 1872.

For more information on Hans Christian Anderson check out this link - http://www.andersen.sdu.dk/index_e.html'

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