Saving Water For Are Future

Saving Water For Are Future
Everything in our world is connected.We are connected through the water, the air,and what we eat, and drink, our energy that we use,in the soil we live on.In order for a healthy future we must keep working together for a better life.Every  person needs  certain things to survive,everyone needs to make sure our world will still be able to give people everything they need to live, now and in the future.

If you were to look at a map and look at the four oceans they end up flowing into each other.Whatever we do to the water in one part of the country effects us globally the whole world.The oceans are not just one countries responsibility they are all countries responsibilities.
Everyone in the world needs to work together to save water and help keep it clean.

If you were to look at our oceans you would notice the amount of garbage human -made pollution that does not break down into nature and how it is the most dangerous.The plastics and chemicals  alone or not  biodegradable.More than half the garbage in our oceans is plastic.That is a lot of plastic killing our birds and sea life.And not to mention the messes on the beaches.

We have international laws that prevent dumping but it still happens anyways.Some companie's try to help by using packaging that is biodegradable as well as reusable.

Water is so valuable to allof us.The very thing that makes water so important makes water easy to Pollute.

food and oxygen,chemicals and poison dissolve in water.At any given time these chemicals or poisons can enter the water cycle at any point and carried through the environment, doing damage.even the water underground is polluted with factory waste water,sewage, farm chemicals ,and salty water, once the water is polluted it is impossible to clean.

Every year there is at least 10 million people that die from disease is Carried in dirty drinking water.In many parts of the world especially in developing countries people get sick and die, because the water they drink is dirty and contains bacteria.When  people have no clean water they will drink dirty water,and risk the chance of dying instead of dying of thirst.

The world has a limited amount of fresh water.And thewater is not spread evenly across the planet all countries must think about the impact of using water from rivers that they share with other countries.People have used six times more water today than they did in 1950.The The water supply is not in live has a population growth we need to save water to make everyone have their share for the future. 

If you would like more resources
Book to read Our World Or Future Saving Water by Sharon Dalghleish

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