A Brief Summary Of The Declaration of Independence

 As we know the United States was not always an independent country long ago people from England came to America in the 1700s. The colonies were ruled by Britain's King George the third the colonist seemed happy with their new lives in colonial America. They had the right to Governor themselves ,male landowners could vote. They elected men from each colony to serve an assembly and make their own laws. The colonists didn't like somethings about King George, but they stay loyal to Britain. For their loyalty they would end up paying higher taxes. Between 1754 and 1763 France and Britain fought for control of North America some Native American sided with the French so they battled it out and called it the French and Indian war the colonists sided with Britain. Britain had expanded its colonies so they could settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.George Washington had led both British and colonial troops into battle. Britain had won the war in the much-needed land they won the colonist moved west and continue to fight overland with Native Americans. They had  avoided another war, King George ordered the colonist to return east. By this time the war had cost Britain a lot of money. The war wasfought to protect the colonist. After King George tax the colonists,many colonists were angry they had to pay higher taxes but they had no choice. The government took what they wanted and they were not aloud to make choices in the government. They took up the cry : no taxation without representation!This would lead them into more trouble with more taxes.In 1765,King George ordered the colonist to pay taxes on anything with printed paper.People had to pay taxes on newspapers they had to pay taxes on their books the colonists found taxes to be unfair.The following year, the King would decide the colonist no longer had to pay those taxes.The king wanted to show he was still the boss so,in 1773, he had told the colonists their would be a new tax for them to pay he said he would tax the tea.Thecolonist bought the new taxes were unfair.They did not want to pay it they would stop buying Tea.That November,A large English ship had sailed into Boston Massachusetts right into the cities harbor. Theship was full of tea but the colonists did not want it to come into Boston.They did not want to pay taxes on it so some of the colonists protested by dressing up as Native Americans they boarded the British ship in Boston Harbor and throwing more than 300 crates of tea overboard.In response  to the Boston Tea Party,the British Government sent more soldiers to Boston to maintain order.colonist were extremely angry. They had chose representatives and formed a Continental Congress.The representatives wrote a letter to the king asking for same rights as British citizens.The Kings response was to send more troops.The colonist had prepare themselves for they were gathering weapons and supplies in Concorde, Massachusetts.in April 1775,The British troops had March from Boston toward Concorde to seize all their weapons.The troops would have to pass through Lexington to get there.The colonial forces in Lexington prepared to fight.that night Paul Revere Road his horse from Boston to Lexington and Concorde.he was trying to warn the people that the British were coming.The colonist had race to face the British troops in Lexington.there were shots and American Revolution had begun.Patriots were colonists who supported the fight for Independence.And there were loyalists who were also colonist but their loyalties were to the British.on July 4, 1776 American leaders had a big meeting they signing important paper and the paper was the Declaration of Independence it had listed all the things that King George, had done and explain why American should be free.has stated  the colonies were now states.they were no longer part of England.And they would rule themselves.Theywere part of a new country and that was called the United States.King George did not agree he did not want to lose his colonies.The new country was to fight a long and tough war against England the war Ended,and the redcoats went back to England.after the war ended King George agreed that the United States was a free country.Every year we celebrate the country's independence.In honor Of the brave colonists who fought to make this country free. Here are few links to look into.http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.htm     Work sheets http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/m/?s=independence-day.html       

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