What Do You Know About Poetry?

Did you every ask yourself who created poetry and what was their idea behind it.
Well for me I did I think poetry is a beautiful art with many different expressions and l rhymes and  so  what I found out was that poetry was around in the prehistoric ages used as stories and the first poems were never written down what a shame. It  would of been interesting to here some of their poetry I wonder what they had to say?  But what they say is that the earliest poems were spoken about for centuries be for they were even  written  down. But the oldest surviving poem  that is know was about the Epic Gilgamesh it is from ancient Sumer,Modern day Iraq the earliest version dates back 2000.B.C this story was about a real king .So now we know some facts maybe you can add to them are maybe you can write a poem .Did you know this month is also national poetry month that's awesome right  for me it was I enter in a poetry contest with my  local library and had my kids write poetry as well  I encourage all of you to do the same are at least read from your favorite poets here is some fun linkshttps://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/36910.Langston_Hughes

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