Cinco de Mayo Crafts

With   Cinco de Mayo around the corner we wanted to have fun making crafts as well as learn about the holiday. so we made a shake maker and some arm jewelry and maracas my daughter built a robot to go with it we were going to make a pinata but we figured save the best for last. For those of you who  Are not sure what Cinco de Mayo is here is a few facts people often confuse it with Mexico's Independence Day Mexico had claimed their Independence on the 16 of  September 1821 .The reason for celebrating March 5 is because that was the day Puebla Mexico won  against France in 1862 and so every year they celebrate their victory. Some of the things they do for Rituals is Parades,dancing,eating Mexican food and celebrating Mexican and Mexican-American customs Reenacting the battle Dressing in traditional clothing and decorating with the colors of Mexican flag.      Bracelet
                                                             Shaker Maker
                                                           Shake Maker
                                                             Shake Maker

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