Make A CD Green House

One of the Biology:Planets Projects the kids work on this week was to learn how seeds germinate and grow in a CD case this is a fun and easy science project for kids 4 TO 11 .As you know all living things need  food water and a place of their own to grow. This lesson will help teach them about how planets grow in their habitat and how germination takes place this will also teach them  about the Plant anatomy.

What you will need 
1 CD case
1-2 paper towels
water container 
Images below are from mega crafty and  

What you will do first  you need your empty CD case make sure to take out the black part where the CD go's you just need the plastic case it will look like this 
Next you will open the case a place a paper towel inside and place 4 to 5 beans on the paper towel and close the case 
Next put CD case in container of water it will look  some thing like this in the picture  and the next step will be to put the green house in sunlight ,keep it watered,and enjoy watching your seeds grow make sure not to over water 

You should try growing beans are peas first make sure the bottom of your paper towel is touching the water in the water container that way it can continually soak up the water You should  always keep your green house in a warm and sunny spot check your water level every couple of days as you know with out water your planets will not germinate and so your plant cannot survive without water 

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